Sophia’s Restaurant & Bar

Sophia’s is a restaurant, a bar and a cosy lounge, next to the Old Botanical Garden in the centre of Munich.

During the warmer months, homemade lemonades and fresh fruit cocktails are offered on the terrace with a view of the Old Botanical Garden

The botanical bistronomy is all about gastronomic excellence and refined food in a comfortable and relaxed setting, in Munich, for the people of Munich.

Michael Hüsken menu for Sophia’s stresses the importance of regional and seasonal products, with some guest appearances from more exotic flavors and ingredients.

Guests will find dishes like beetroot, ricotta, cumin with iced pumpernickel; char with soubise and sweet and sour onions; and duck breast, with carrot ginger puree, wild broccoli, and tamarind jus.

We cook with our usual high standards, but do not only serve our guests the filet that is found on many menus, but also other often tastier pieces of the meat as a shoulder, neck or belly

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