TrackTile Table: Entertain Your Dinner Party Guests

I love mini-trains… This table imagined by Three Foot Three Design is the dream of any veteran model railroader… They can play at dinner and the dessert can be transported via mini-trains around the table.

TrackTile Table turn the delivery of mints & chocolates around the dinner table into an event that no-one will forget. The dinner will be fun and your guest will be happy…

All the tables start with a table base ‘tray’ that accept a selection of reversible square wooden TrackTiles. Finger holes in each table base allow for easy access to lift out and rotate each TrackTile or you can turn all the tiles completely over to form a smooth, plain conventional dining table. All the tiles are inlaid on one side with removable BRIO track pieces. These wooden tracks guide small motorized trains and their delicious cargo around to each of your dinner party guests.

Below you can watch a video of TrackTile Table in action.


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Written by Rachel Leroy

Leroy Rachel is founder of justelite website. Her target is to bring this website in top 10 luxury blogs by the end of next year.

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