Why do cats do this?

Today I just saw the Purina’s latest campaign for the new FELIX Sensations® Sauce Surprise. This campaign for cats’ food has an interesting approach asking why cats knead with their paws… This question make me curious to watch their commercials. The video presents the lengths cats will go to in preparation for their favourite meal.  Please see this video below to understand more about this.

Maybe I’m not a marketing expert but I think FELIX Sensations® Sauce Surprise campaign is well done and interesting for any cat owner. I saw many cats knead with their paws but never ask myself what are they thinking. Now the FELIX® cat food team have been at hand to uncover the answer to the questions surrounding the unique ways of our feline friends and share with us the answer through this campaign. This campaign unveils just how resourceful cats are in their communication methods.

What is FELIX Sensations® Sauce Surprise?  FELIX Sensations® Sauce Surprise are a range of meals with tender meaty or fishy pieces teamed with different flavoured sauces (like a recipe packed with turkey in a bacon flavoured sauce) for an irresistible surprise … so cats can squeeze out every last irresistible drop from the pouch!

If you have a pet you already hear about Purina. Purina was founded in 1894 by William H. Danforth and he began producing food for various farm animals under the name Purina Mills. And if we talk about history maybe it is interesting for you to find that the cats were first domesticated from the Middle Eastern subspecies of the Wildcat about 10,000 years ago.

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