Who Has The Best First Class Flights

Emirates first class seats
Dubai Emirates

When you decide to plan your perfect vacation to an expensive place you can not neglect how you get there. If you can afford it opt for first class seats. Your vacation will start when you get on the plane and you get to your destination ready for a perfect vacation! If you plan to go to a luxury travel in Hawaii you should choose first class seats to Hawaii but for a travel to Las Vegas maybe you should keep your money for entertainment and don’t take first class seats to Las Vegas… If you are a in a frequent-flyer program check your option to purchase last-minute upgrades to First Class seats as sometimes there some are available.

Many people do not know the difference first class seats and business class seats. First class is a luxury travel class on some airliners that exceeds business class. First class seat is distinguished from other travel classes by the quality of seating, food, drinks, ground service and other amenities. On the ground, first-class passengers usually have special check-in and security zones at the airport. In striving to be different airlines do their best to provide unique options for first class.
The question is “who has the best first class flights”? You can see below the best 17 first class flights photos and you can decide by yourself.

Emirates first class seats
Dubai Emirates
Korean Air first class seats
Korean Air
Thai Airways first class seats
Thai Airways
ANA Europe first class seats
Hong Kong airline Cathay Pacific first class seats
Hong Kong airline Cathay Pacific
British Airways first class seats
British Airways
 Etihad (Abu Dhabi) first class seats
Etihad (Abu Dhabi)
Jet Airways first class seats
Jet Airways
Lufthansa first class seats
Malaysian Airlines first class seats
Malaysian Airlines
Qatar Airways first class seats
Qatar Airways
Qantas first class seats
Singapore Airlines first class seats
Singapore Airlines
SWISS first class seatsSWISS first class seats
TAM first class seats
American Airlines first class seats
American Airlines

Air India first class seats
Air India

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