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iPhone 5 Swarovski Cover Case

iPhone 5 Swarovski Cover Case

Not all rich people like Vertu Constellation. Some of them choose iPhone and add an expensive case to it. For this kind of people Crystal Rocked launch iPhone 5 Swarovski cover case, a case handmade with over 1300 new Xilion cut Swarovski Crystals.

iPhone 5 Swarovski
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Lightweight hard-shell plastic construction colour coded to the base crystal

The tag price is $242 for white and $258 for Jet Hematite (black) (With a two-year contract, a new iPhone 5 (16GB) price is $199).

Made from hard-shell plastic with a wall thickness of just 1mm, this iPhone 5 Swarovski cover case are chromed to give the crystal a higher sparkle but as well as protection. Also, in the box is a small repair kit for minor repairs.


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