Le Canonnier Hotel Mauritius – A Rustic Resort on a Historic Peninsula


A truly rustic resort on a historic Peninsula, Le Canonnier Hotel Mauritius features ruins of a lighthouse and cannons, remnants of the fortress that once stood proudly on the Peninsula. Le Canonnier Hotel Mauritius is lined with swaying coconut palm trees amidst vibrant tropical gardens dotted with glimmering pools and a string of secluded creeks. Le Canonnier Hotel Mauritius brings to life the authentic Mauritian atmosphere as it offers commanding views of the northern islands and shimmering Indian Ocean.

Turquoise waters blend with native wooden cottages amidst lush tropical trees. Entering Le Canonnier Hotel Mauritius is like entering a whole new world. A distinctive feature of the resort is its wellness center constructed in the branches of a massive banyan tree where therapists soothe the body and mind. Le Canonnier Hotel Mauritius is also known for its unique mini club housed in an ancient lighthouse, integrating today’s necessity in the island’s history. Try to avoid room 446, which could prove to be very small, and 456, which could be right next to the nightclub.

Unfortunately as it is a small resort sound can really travel fast. Considering that the walls are wooden and flimsy, any noise such as footsteps, raised voices or worse, loud music from the nightclub can easily keep guests awake until late in the night. Perhaps this is something that the hotel management can rectify. A little soundproofing may help. Although Le Canonnier Hotel Mauritius is a 4-star hotel, it could do well with a little upkeep. Perhaps limiting the nightclub’s operation to weekends instead of throughout the week for the meantime might also be a solution.
The rooms at Le Canonnier Hotel Mauritius are rather plain though if not below par compared to other resorts in Mauritius. The beds are comfortable and cozy but the décor and the interiors fail to impress. Some guests have even complained of hard towels, stained square pillows and bed linens so be aware. Some of the beds in the suite might squeak and creak every time you move leaving you sleepless and restless. Rooms are equipped with basic necessities though including individually controlled air-conditioning, room service, telephone with international dialing, housekeeping, laundry service, non-smoking room, individual safe and wakeup service.
If staying at Le Canonnier Hotel Mauritius, it is best to choose an all-inclusive package as food are incredibly expensive at the hotel but below par. Burgers at the Navigator restaurant are not so tasty. Some vegetarian guests had an enjoyable experience with the hotel kitchen’s chefs though as they went out of their way to make the vegetarian guests’ stay great. Every day their table was brimming with different vegetarian food bowls, which tasted better than the ones on offer on the streets of Delhi. The chefs asked the guests’ preferences for their subsequent meals and prepared them accordingly. That’s what you call thoughtful and generous hospitality service.
There are three small sandy beaches at Le Canonnier Hotel Mauritius. The shores can be rocky, strewn with washed away dead corals and crushed shells. Wearing aqua shoes would help. Watching the colors of the sea can be very breathtaking. The colors change with time and tide. The sea can range from deep blue to turquoise and light blue. The sea can be very shallow though and during low tide, swimming is almost impossible. One needs to walk far out to the sea to reach a depth good enough for swimming. But between low tide and high tide, the depth is enough for people to swim. It’s more like swimming in a lap pool.

For guests looking for a sandy bay with deeper water, just walk 10 minutes south along the beach and you will find Mont Choisy, one of the popular beaches in Mauritius. You can have an early morning run or a leisurely afternoon stroll along the beach. It’s almost 4 kilometers long. But if that’s not enough you can continue on to Trou aux Biches, another stunning beach. Trou aux Biches is approximately 5 kilometers long. But it may not be that inviting, as it can get pretty crowded. There are many boats and ships docked around the bay. Not only is it noisy, the air can also smell of gasoline.

Contrary to what others say, there are actually plenty of opportunities to swim at Le Canonnier Hotel Mauritius. The hotel offers complimentary boat rides three times a day. They transport guests to the deeper part of the sea and guests can take advantage of that anytime. The area is perfect for snorkeling. As the hotel is located on a peninsula, it provides almost a 360° degree view of the sea. It is also near Grand Baie, a 10-minute bus ride (cheaper and easier than a taxi ride). Or you can take a leisurely walk along the coast and soak in the stunning sceneries. This could take 60-90 minutes though. Grand Baie has ATMs, a supermarket, mall, bars, and restaurants.

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