The Best Pool Design 2014

Violin Inground Pool

Cipriano Landscape Design build a pool in the shape of a Stradivarius violin for a client, who is both an amateur violin player and collector.

The Stradivarius-shaped pool features 12-person perimeter overflow spa, with independent LED lighting and 2 fish filled koi-ponds, built to resemble the “bow” of the violin, are visible to swimmers via 2 transparent acrylic panels, and are outfitted with 250 fiber optic star-lights.

beautiful amazing pool

Wireless technology allows the homeowner to adjust any pool settings and landscape utilities directly from an iPhone.

Nearly half a million translucent glass tiles designed with a unique 4-way gradient pattern was used to decorate this pool. Also, fiber optic rope lighting detail that illuminates the entire periphery of the pool.

Underwater audio system makes listening to music possible while swimming laps or playing underwater.

Stradivarius-shaped pool
Violin strings represented by 5760 strands of fiber optic lighting, which glow beautifully at night and can be synchronized with music playing externally.
Violin Inground Pool
1,000,000 BTU heater makes year round use of the pool and spa enjoyable.
Stradivarius-shaped pool  amazing
Riverflow jet system capable of creating a 2000 gallon/minute current that is strong enough to kayak or swim against.

Stradivarius-shaped pool

Cipriano Landscape Design

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