Luxury High-Tech Bed Operated By Smartphone

Anemone luxury high-tech bed (3)

What is you definition for a good bed? In the meanwhile Lavital will show us how a luxury bed should look like.

Bang & Olufsen Eco Chic Multi Media box spring bed by Lavital has both masculinity and perfect femininity ingrained in it with the ultimate multi media experience and the integration of a luxury make up storage system.

The bed, called ‘Anemone’ is designed by Dutch interior designer Robert Kolenik and the high end technical domotica are supplied by Bang and Olufsen.

Anemone luxury high-tech bed (1)

The bed is the height of sustainable design, eco-luxury, high-end multi media experience and sublime sleeping comfort. Truly everything on this bed is electronically operated through the integrated dock station of your smartphone. Adjust your bed in the right position to watch your favorite movie. The lights and candles will luminate and the miraculous B&O speakers will sound as you were in the theater itself.

Watch below video to understand how complex Anemone is…

Anemone luxury high-tech bed (2)

Anemone luxury high-tech bed (3)


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