Sleeping Area for VIP Flying Experience

VIP 747-8 from Boeing (5)

Boeing announce the delivery of the first Aeroloft installed on a Boeing Business Jet (BBJ) 747-8 for VIP flying. You wonder what Aeroloft is?

The Aeroloft, designed and built by Greenpoint, provides 393 square feet (36.5 square meters) of additional cabin space bringing the VIP-configured 747-8 to a total 5,179 square feet (481.2 square meters) of cabin space. Developed specifically for the BBJ 747-8, the Aeroloft is located above the main cabin between the upper deck and tail of the airplane. It boasts eight private sleeping berths and a changing room providing a comfortable rest area during flight.

VIP 747-8 from Boeing (2)

The Aeroloft provides private sleeping berths located above the main deck in the aft section of the new Boeing 747-8. The Aeroloft is installed with custom designed interior furnishings and a forward entry staircase.

VIP clients appreciate the benefit of providing passengers and guests a private rest area above the main deck for additional relaxation and comfort. You can watch the below video to better understanding of Aeroloft.

The only complain can be that there are no windows in private sleeping berths.

VIP 747-8 from Boeing (1)

The Aerolift is a patent-pending, secure, self-contained means to transport individuals (up to four passengers or a wheelchair passenger with attendant) from the ground to the main deck on the new Boeing 747-8 aircraft.

VIP 747-8 from Boeing (3)

VIP 747-8 from Boeing (4)

VIP 747-8 from Boeing (5)


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