The World’s Most Expensive Cocktail

The World's Most Expensive Cocktail (2)

3 months ago a $77,000 Cognac Bottle the a key ingredient for a drink aim to be the world’s most expensive cocktail, falling from a table. Now Salvatore Calabrese try again and this time breaks the Guiness World Record for the world’s most expensive cocktail with ‘Salvatore’s Legacy’.
The World's Most Expensive Cocktail (1)
In front of two witnesses and a crowd of leading bartenders, press and photographers, Salvatore open the 1788 Glos de Grifier Vieux Cognac, 1770 Kummel Liqueur and Dubb Orange Liqueur circa1860 and a small bottle of Angostura Bitters dating form the early 1900’s. He poured ingredients into his own mixing glass, added ice and stirred gently. He then poured the cocktail into an old cocktail glass from the mid 1800’s and presented ‘Salvatore’s Legacy’ valued at $8881 a glass combination of 730 years worth of liquid history.

The World's Most Expensive Cocktail (2)


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