Most Expensive International Cities to Travel

London city

Tripadvisor just publish a study about cost comparison of accommodations and an evening out on the town for two people in popular tourist cities across the United States and throughout the world. The most expensive international city to travel in two is London, UK with a total cost of $518.01. In US the most expensive city is New York City with a total cost of $456.50 (hotel: $341.63, taxi: $15.00, Cocktails for two: $32.00 and diner $67.87).

London city

Most Expensive International Cities:

DestinationHotelReturn taxi tripCocktails for twoDinner for twoTotal cost
1London, UK$361.64$34.69$39.07$82.61$518.01
2Oslo, Norway$219.94$52.19$36.79$191.00$499.91
3Zurich, Switzerland$292.00$37.76$27.03$129.03$485.82
4Paris, France$306.71$15.06$57.44$101.55$480.76
5Stockholm, Sweden$218.73$47.16$34.95$171.53$472.36
6New York City, USA$341.63$15.00$32.00$67.87$456.50
7Moscow, Russia$245.96$14.26$43.40$125.45$429.07
8Copenhagen, Denmark$227.15$21.61$40.34$137.73$426.84
9Sydney, Australia$172.99$19.62$43.22$156.17$392.00

Less expensive international city to travel is Hanoi, Vietnam with total cost of $141.12. Less expensive international city to travel in Europe is Budapest, Hungary with total cost of $193.78.

You can read the full report here

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