The World’s Most Expensive Water Bottles

water expensive

A bottle of water may be priceless in desert as it can save your live… But what if you have enough water how much are you willing to pay for a bottle of water?

Aurum 79 is a bottle of water ( 500 ml) with a pure gold casing plus 113 diamonds and a price tag that made it available only for Sheikhs: $900,000. It was only three bottles of Aurum 79 produced from obvious reasons but I have no doubt that all will be sold as it be  unveiled at  Big Boy Toys Exhibition in United Arab Emirates.

Inside the rich buyer will find water with pure gold edible flakes.

water expensive




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Written by Rachel Leroy

Leroy Rachel is founder of justelite website. Her target is to bring this website in top 10 luxury blogs by the end of next year.

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