Red Bull’s founder bought a $1.7 million toy

Billionaire Dietrich Mateschitz, founder of Red Bull, bought DeepFlight Super Falcon, an extreme $ 1.7 million submarine. The DeepFlight Super Falcon will serve for guests at his posh Laucala Island resort in Fiji. Of course not for free, for two-hours rides on the billionaire’s new Super Falcon they must pay $1,700.


The Super Falcon represents the pinnacle of manned submersible technology. Designed to do barrel rolls with dolphins and spy-hop with whales, the DeepFlight Super Falcon will take you anywhere you want to go underwater, in style, safety, and comfort. Forget everything you know about submersibles: the Super Falcon with its low frontal area and lightweight proprietary pressure hull, is designed around the pilot. Flying the Super Falcon is a radically different experience, connecting you to the blue space around you like never before.


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Written by Rachel Leroy

Leroy Rachel is founder of justelite website. Her target is to bring this website in top 10 luxury blogs by the end of next year.

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