Sea Legs from Iguana Yachts travel across unstable land

Sea Legs from Iguana Yachts by Antoine Brugidou is a boat capable of traveling short distances on dry land across unstable land, at a low speed, but without the necessity to drive on roads. In other words a next generation of amphibians…

The Iguana is a seaworthy boat even in rough seas, a fast boat (40 knots) and it is built according to a word-wide patent deposited by IGUANA YACHTS.

In its hybrid version, the Iguana is fitted with a silent, non-polluting electric motor for use on land.
On a practical level, when in the water the tracks are used for protection, avoiding the need for bulky fenders. The 8 passengers carried by the Iguana can climb the beach in total comfort, then simply disembark once on dry land.

When in the water, the undercarriage folds into the hull, forming a cover, which assures a continuity of the hull form. The nautical capabilities of the boat therefore remain unaltered.

For use on land, the arms pivot 90° and pose the tracks on the ground. Traction can be engaged whilst retaining the nautical propulsion until the boat is completely out of the water.


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