Piet Boon Bonaire

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Located just 30 miles from the island of Curaçao and 50 miles from Venezuela, Piet Boon Bonaire is a collection of nine individually sophisticated villa designed by Piet Boon. Villa has 380sqm (4090sqft) to 580m2 (6243sqft). Six of these villas and three additional villas sit further back from the shore but just like the beachfront properties. Dutch design icon Piet Boon has a reputation for designing bespoke, luxurious beach villas worldwide.

Piet Boon Bonaire

Rates starting with $642/night for Garden Villa Tortuga, $927/night for Villa Karibuni, and $1711/night for Villas Kas Dorrie.

Kralendijk Bonaire’s capital and has around 3,000 residents. It is just across the water from Klein Bonaire, a sandy, uninhabited speck of an island whose colorful coral reefs attract divers and snorkelers from around the world.

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