Terra Complex, Bulgaria

Terra Complex Bansko, Bulgaria

As the name suggests Terra Complex is a hotel complex comprising ten separate buildings. It is off the beaten path, located 10kms outside of Bansko, in a nice, quiet and secluded area. It is a 5-10 minute drive from Razlog. The rooms are very comfortable and very spacious, equipped with modern basic necessities. Soaked in nature, the rooms at Terra Complex offer sweeping views of either the Pirin mountains or the golf course. Everything around Terra Complex is so green and breathtaking. It truly makes an excellent escape for those seeking a relaxing environment.
As it is a complex, choosing the right building is key. Being in the main building is the most convenient as it has most of the main facilities including the restaurant. If you stay at one of the apartments, although they do offer excellent views, at times it can get a little inconvenient. If you stay during the peak of winter you will always have to brave the cold when going for your meals at the restaurant. This is also the case when going to the Spa or the pool. Stepping out into the cold after your warm and relaxing visit at the Spa could prove disorienting. Other than that staying at any of the buildings at Terra Complex should not be a problem. Try and go for the one next to the Annex building, only 50 meters from the main building.

Terra Complex Bansko, Bulgaria

Wi-Fi is a hit or miss at Terra Complex. Sometimes it’s excellent but sometimes the connection can be very poor that it’s almost completely useless. Sleek and modern, almost everything is new and clean at the rooms and apartments though. Guests are also provided are free slippers, which can be very handy if they forgot to bring their own. The apartments, though fully equipped with all necessary equipment, are not provided with kitchen utensils such as knives and forks. A handful of coffee spoons are provided but these aren’t enough for those who would love to cook.
Another downside of staying in some of the apartments is that room service cannot be offered since it’s a bit of a distance from the main building. The only alternative for guests staying in the other buildings is to visit the main restaurant. The hotel food is good but it can be pricey, although that’s almost to be expected in such a location. The breakfast buffet is great with plenty of choices on offer. The food is so good that some guests gain a few pounds after only a few days’ stay at Terra Palace. The music at the restaurant can invade the quietness of the place though. Perhaps something Terra Palace can look into if they truly want to maintain the serenity of the place.

Terra Complex Bansko, Bulgaria

For an alternative dining experience, there is a Queens English Pub that serves delectable food at the town center. There is also a café from which you can enjoy a cup of your favorite steaming hot coffee while enjoying the picturesque view. Or simply take a walk; bask in the beauty of nature. Look at the quaint houses dotting the landscape. Talk to the locals and learn more about the charming town. Back at the hotel there is also a small market where you could do a bit of shopping. Or simply check the local culture and marvel at the locals. Better yet visit Pirin Golf Resort which is also walking distance from Terra Complex.

Terra Complex Bansko, Bulgaria

[mks_pullquote align=”left” width=”300″ size=”24″ bg_color=”#0066bf” txt_color=”#ffffff”]Apart from the small pitfalls, Terra Complex is a nice place to stay for skiers, adventure seekers, nature lovers, families, business travelers and individuals alike.[/mks_pullquote]

The hotel provides a ski wardrobe available for everyone’s use. However the sauna and steam bath are tiny. It would have been perfect for some evening pampering. The pool is not that big either although the water is clean but not heated enough. To make the most of your stay be sure to get up the mountain early in the morning before 8:30am if you want to catch the gondola. The ski classes can get pretty crowded so it’s advisable to get private lessons instead. This costs a lot more (around 100 lev per person) but well worth it if you’re really keen to learn.
Apart from the small pitfalls, Terra Complex is a nice place to stay for skiers, adventure seekers, nature lovers, families, business travelers and individuals alike.

Terra Complex Bansko, Bulgaria


Hotel address: Kulinoto 5, Pirin Resort, Razlog 2760, Bulgaria

The complex is situated in the beautiful Razlog-Bansko valley, near the town of Razlog and the ski resort of Bansko. TERRA Complex is bordering with the Ian Woosnam’s design – Pirin Golf Course and offers to its customers stunning views to the Pirin Mountain, and unobstructed view to the golf course.

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