The Most Expensive Vacuum Cleaner in The World

HYLA GST Swarovski Edition (4)

Clean air is very important for our health so a device like HYLA GST can be helpful. It uses ONLY water as a filter and its concept is its method of trapping dirt, dust, and allergens in the water. The system forces the air through a water-bath.

HYLA GST Swarovski Edition (1)

Bling-my-Thing, a company based in Berlin, Germany unveiled a special edition of the HYLA GST hand-encrusted with 32,000 Swarovski Crystals. At $21,900 this special edition of the HYLA GST is the most expensive vacuum cleaner in the world and become the wish for any housekeepers.

HYLA GST Swarovski Edition (2)

HYLA GST Swarovski Edition (3)

HYLA GST Swarovski Edition (4)


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