BeoVision 12

BeoVision 12

For some people Bang & Olufsen equal expensive audio, for others Bang & Olufsen means high quality products. The true is that Bang & Olufsen makes high quality products at very high prices. In other word the best choice if you are looking for expensive gadgets.

One recent video product from Bang & Olufsen is BeoVision 12 a 65-inch television with an ultra-slim plasma screen and 3D capabilities. The price is set at $11,350 much expensive than a regular 65-inch HDTV.

BeoVision 12

The first thing you’ll notice about BeoVision 12 is that although it is impressive in size, it actually appears thinner than it is. This seeming weightlessness is achieved through a unique optical illusion. Notice how the two profiles of the television bend inward, forming a V-shape. The section facing the viewer has a natural aluminium colour, while the section facing the wall is seen in anodised black. The result is that you see something more slender than reality. BeoVision 12 literally floats on the wall, quite a feat considering its significant size. And that’s just the beginning.

BeoVision 12 Bang & Olufsen

Observe the exceptionally slim, black aluminium frame enveloping the television, and notice what you don’t see. There are no joints or seams interrupting the flow of the frame. This is achieved by imprinting the frame from one large piece of aluminium foil. The result is a seamless, uniform surface that is almost like watching a moving picture on glass.

Bang & Olufsen tv BeoVision 12

The integrated centre speaker is placed beneath the screen. The anodised aluminium grill features a curving wave design that includes 5,000 holes in an elegant elliptical shape.

Bang & Olufsen tv

BeoVision 12 fits directly on the wall, with a unique mounting solution. The wall bracket is semi-integrated into the rear cabinet, with the goal of adding miniscule millimetres to the television as it lifts from the wall.

The video engine of BeoVision 12 is hidden out of sight, in a cabinet or special room where all external equipment can be tucked away.

When you watch television, several factors impact the quality of the picture you see. The room lighting, external lighting, even the colour of your walls affect the colours on the screen. To ensure brilliant colours any time of day and in any room, BeoVision 12 includes an intelligent Automatic Picture Control feature that senses the ambient light in the room. The sensor is integrated into a transparent acrylic plate on the television’s right side. The sensor scans all 360° of the room. It then dynamically adjusts the image accordingly, so that you get an immaculate picture, day or night. So curl up on the sofa, turn off the lights and watch your favourite film play out in eye-catching clarity.

BeoVision 12 comes with the most sophisticated plasma screen technology to give a sensational viewing experience in both 2D and 3D. The plasma screen is born from a NeoPDP panel, which gives life-like 3D performance, as well as phenomenal motion performance in 2D. Our 3D technology gives you the feeling of being in the event, so whether it’s Messi kicking the winning goal or the screeching tires in a car chase, you’ll feel the roar of the crowd and hear the burning rubber in a way you never have before.

To ensure the longevity of the plasma screen, BeoVision 12 comes equipped with Automatic Colour Management. This Bang & Olufsen technology uses a robotic camera arm to periodically analyse the plasma screen’s performance. The colour mix is automatically fine-tuned to guarantee strong, consistent colour reproduction, even after thousands of hours of use. Automatic Colour Management ensures rich natural colours and a picture-perfect image throughout the lifespan of your television.

Of course, there’s more to a television than a picture. A true cinematic experience engages all your senses, and offers spectacular sound to complement dazzling images.

With this in mind, BeoVision 12 contains everything you need for the perfect surround sound setup, bringing the true cinematic experience to life.

BeoVision 12 has an integrated centre channel loudspeaker directly underneath the screen As much as four 80-watt ICEpower amplifiers for the midrange speaker and one 40-watt amplifier for the treble speaker are required. With the dedicated centre channel, you get speech reproduction with exceptional clarity. You can actually hear a pin drop, and you’ll find yourself looking around to see where it landed.

BeoVision 12 also includes our Adaptive Sound Technology, which turns your entire living room into a sweet spot and ensures that everyone enjoys the same high quality sound. This, coupled with BeoVision 12’s size and picture clarity, will create a truly cinematic experience for friends and family alike. Your movie nights will be transformed into gala movie premieres.

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