Hôtel La Pérouse – French Riviera’s hidden gem


Built into a castle perched on a promontory next to the sea, Hôtel La Pérouse offers the most beautiful view of Nice and the Bay of Angels. If you were visiting, you will arrive through a subtle entrance, as if to give you the impression that you were visiting a private home. Next, an elevator takes you to the center of the lofty building amidst charming labyrinths and a steep hillside abounding in luxurious Mediterranean vegetation. The impression of a patrician mansion is reinforced by warm tones on the outside façade, contrasting with surprisingly contemporary furnishings made in fine materials on the interior.

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At Hôtel La Pérouse, you will find yourself in a unique setting, rarely available in Nice. High up, secluded and yet still close to the action, it’s an address you’ll guard so that it doesn’t get too well-known. Its setting is unparalleled, both because of its architecture and its location in the heart of the city. Close enough for you to have access to the most beautiful private beach in Nice right at the foot of the hotel but not too close to be disturbed by the noise coming from the sea and street below. Yet not far enough to not be able to enjoy what the beautiful city of Nice has to offer.


Hôtel La Pérouse is close to some of Nice’s major attractions including Cours Saleya. A pedestrian passageway, Cours Saleya is the best-known corner of the Old City of Nice. It is popular for its flower market. A visit to the flower market is a real arrest to the senses. In 1766, Cours Saleya was lined with rows of elm trees that replaced the mulberries that used to grow there. By the end of the 18th century, Cours Saleya became known as the perfect place for strolling. This practice became a favorite pastime for the rich even those on holiday.


Interestingly, the hotel is located not too far from the “promenade des Anglais”. It extends around the castle hill and connects the waterfront and the harbor area. This particular area used to be exposed to the wind. Until 2002, few tourists and strollers go there for that very reason. Since then, numerous civil engineering improvements have transformed this part of the quay into one of the most frequented of the region. It has now become a favorite holidaying spot to soak in a unique view of the “Baie des Anges”. This place allows everyone to thoroughly enjoy the beauty of this landscape while being sheltered from the wind and spray. However, the authenticity and rocky outcroppings were preserved.


Getting to Hotel La Pérouse can be a bit disorienting in that a taxi from the airport has to stop in front of another hotel. But it’s quite close to the Hotel La Pérouse. It could be a challenge though if you have a number of luggage. Otherwise, the distance is fair. The entrance to the hotel is breathtaking and the staff will welcome you warmly. The strongest aspect of the hotel is found on the rooftop. There is an open-air Jacuzzi hot tub for a maximum of 2-3 persons. Above the tub, there is a small medieval bastion in plain sight that you can enjoy looking at while luxuriating in the tub. There is a small fitness room with glass wall which opens to the sea and an amazing roof garden with deckchairs.


Wi-Fi is provided for free at the hotel but only for one token. The second time you connect it will be charged. Not surprisingly the slow connection is provided free of charge while the higher speed is charged. Thankfully though the free internet connection can be good enough for Viber or Skype. The rooms are spacious with an equally spacious balcony. Insulation is good enough that no noise could be heard from outside. One thing that’s worth noting, though, to reach a room say for example on the fifth level, you might have to take three different elevators (one to the 1st Floor, second on the 4th Floor and third from the 4th to the 5th. It sounds daunting but it is truly worth the price because the rooms are really nice. But the best part is, from the rooftop, you get to enjoy the best over the sea view and the best beach in Nice. According to a taxi driver in the area, one of the best hotels in Nice is the Hotel La Pérouse. So now you know where to stay next time you’re in Nice.


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